Carpet Sale Centre is your one-stop destination for all things flooring-related. Our experienced flooring specialists know exactly what you will need for fitting your new carpet, laminate, vinyl or wooden flooring. We offer underlay solutions for carpets, wood and laminate flooring, along with grippers, door bars and even stylish stair rods, plus much more.

Our Best-Selling Flooring Accessories Include…

Carpet Underlay

Carpet underlay is crucial for enhancing comfort and durability. Acting as a foundation, it provides insulation, noise reduction and support, prolonging the lifespan of your carpet. With various materials like foam, rubber or felt to choose from, our underlay solutions offer a plush feel underfoot while protecting floors.


Polyfoam Laminate Underlay

For laminate flooring, our Polyfoam Laminate Underlay is the perfect choice. Ideal for firm, dry and level sub-floors, it provides a canvas for your new flooring to shine. Ensure a prepared floor, lay a damp-proof membrane if necessary and trim the underlay to fit with ease. Its thin profile makes it suitable for various applications, creating a smooth and even surface for your laminate flooring.

Door Bars

Our door bars offer a clean and protective transition between different types of flooring. Used across door thresholds or where a carpet meets another flooring type, they contribute to a polished look. Protecting carpet edges and preventing fraying, door bars are a practical choice for both residential and commercial spaces.


Carpet Gripper​

Essential for any carpet installation, our range of carpet grippers are easy to install and ensure your new carpet stays securely in place. Preventing slippage, they contribute to a tidy and safe environment, enhancing the longevity and appearance of your carpet.


Duralay’s Durafit System​

Duralay's Durafit System, the world's leading stick-down system, offers unparalleled benefits for commercial projects. Suitable for installations of varying sizes or nature, this system allows for creative carpet applications, encompassing border work and brand logos, to enhance your image and space – be it a sports stadium, welcoming hotel or a strong corporate identity. 

Underlay for use with underfloor heating

A specialised low-tog underlay designed to enhance the warmth of any floor. With its low 'tog' ratings, it efficiently transfers heat from underfloor heating into the room, making it ideal for such installations. It boasts higher thermal conductivity and lower resistance, promising both comfort and energy efficiency.


Explore the classical elegance of Stairrods UK Royal range. Triangular brass stair rods, suitable for runner stair carpets or fully fitted, these made-to-measure rods provide an imposing, traditional look to any staircase. This is just a small selection of what's available. Front fix or runner. 10 ranges in various finishes. Check out the Stairrods site to see the full range. Including solid brass or chrome door profiles, pipe collars, plus so much more.

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