Carpet Binding, Whipping & Taping

Carpet Sale Centre’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond providing flooring solutions; it extends to offering eco-friendly options for repurposing leftover materials. Our services include Carpet Binding, Whipping & Taping, designed to minimise waste and transform flooring remnants into practical mats and rugs.

If you’re unable to find the perfect rug size, rest assured that there is an alternative. Simply choose a carpet from our rolls and have it expertly cut to your desired size, with customised edges tailored to your specifications. This service not only ensures a precise fit for your space but also contributes to reducing material waste. You can also elevate your staircase by opting for a professionally fitted runner, enhanced with stylish Stairrods for a polished finish. 

Our portable carpet taping machines, utilising 22mm tape, make on-site adjustments a breeze. For larger carpets, our 120mm wide taping machine guarantees a flawless finish, ensuring that every carpet is tailored to perfection.

Our services extend beyond traditional applications; we can shape carpets to fit into various unconventional spaces, such as cars, caravans and even boats. This versatility allows you to enjoy the comfort and aesthetic appeal of carpets in unexpected places, providing a touch of luxury wherever you go.

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Our Carpet Binding, Whipping & Taping services offer a seamless way to repurpose flooring materials, providing you with customised and eco-friendly solutions for rugs, mats and carpets tailored to your unique requirements. Call 01634 720411 or drop an email to to discuss your requirements with the team and receive a competitive, obligation-free quote today!