Artificial Grass

Have you considered artificial grass for your garden or outdoor space? It’s a no-brainer – providing an economical, low-maintenance substitute for natural lawns that effortlessly enhances any setting.

At Carpet Sale Centre, explore our range of artificial grass, offering both budget-friendly options and products meticulously designed to emulate the authentic charm of real grass. With artificial grass, you can bid farewell to the regular hassle of mowing your traditional lawn and welcome a vibrant, stress-free outdoor haven!

Why Choose Artificial Grass?


Endures various weather conditions

UV resistant

Maintains colour vibrancy under sunlight


Reduces allergens associated with natural grass


Stays green permanently without excessive water use

Strong and durable

Withstands heavy use and foot traffic


Requires minimal upkeep

Easy to lay

Simple installation process

Always looks natural

Offers a consistently vibrant appearance

Maintaining Artificial Grass

Maintenance for artificial grass minimal and remarkably easy. Indoors, a vacuum can remove light debris, while a damp cloth optimises pile direction and stains can be wiped with a sponge or cloth. 

Outdoors, a leaf blower is effective for light debris and preserving the grass’s appearance involves brushing with a solid plastic brush or broom. Even in snowy or icy conditions, artificial grass can be cleaned once thawed.

Ready to Transform Your Space with Artificial Grass?

Our artificial grass solutions make maintaining a lush, green space easier than ever. Whether you’re seeking a budget-friendly plastic variant or a product that mirrors the realism of natural grass, we have options to suit every preference. Call 01634 720411, email or visit the Carpet Sale Centre Rochester showroom to find out more.